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Breaking Out Oil Painting

I began this piece in October of 2020 and completed it March 2021. This was a huge undertaking for me as I don't usually work with oils. It was painted on a 24x36" panel, using graphite originally and oils for the majority of the background. I used ink on most of the Rhino's face along with etching out the highlights. I wanted to create the illusion of dissipation, as these majestic beasts are going extinct. Wanted to also convey their voice being bound to give the feeling of urgency and a cry for help from mankind. This creature is trying to escape it's current reality and break free into a new world of hope. I wanted to use this metaphor also in relation to any new venture you may be trying to delve into. Or if you have ever had the feeling that you were being held back by something or someone, to take the courage to stand up and break out of that situation, before it's too late.

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