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Nightly Work

alex dakos at work

Well another day of the daily grind nears its end, its around 9pm and it's time for me to head towards my true passion in life, my art studio space. The table is covered with anything between acrylic paints, oils, washes, water colors, paint brushes, pencils and pens, erasers, drawing pads, painting mediums, easels, and other unfinished projects. I somehow manage to push everything to the side and make some space to do work. I generally prefer to grab myself a nice cold beer or a glass of whiskey to sip on while I draw. I set up my listening station to either Pandora or Spotify to begin the creative process. Once we are settled in, I will find my reference materials online to begin the early stages of the sketch. This can take up to a day or two, until I am satisfied with the layout and proportions of the piece. This is when I will begin to lay in the values and begin defining darker lines to bring the subject to life. Depending on the detail of the piece it can take anywhere from 2 night sessions, to a week for completion. Most nights I will be up anywhere between 1am to 4am, depending how involved I get. Once I believe it is good enough, I always will rework the entire piece a couple more times, and it's amazing the amount of small details you miss initially. Well that's a small glimpse into my nightly draw sessions, hope you found it informative.

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