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This is a Brand New print of "UP IN SMOKE" (red variant) smoking skull. Originally Created with Charcoal, pencil and ink on 12x12" Kraft paper. 2019. Digitally rendered.


"Up in Smoke" presents a striking and edgy image of a skull smoking a cigarette. The smoke curls around the hollow eye sockets and bony features, creating a haunting and rebellious atmosphere. This provocative artwork explores themes of mortality, vice, and the ephemeral nature of life. The stark contrast and intricate details make this piece a bold and thought-provoking addition to any collection, captivating viewers with its dark allure and powerful symbolism.

It has been digitally printed on 80 lb high quality Archival semigloss stock paper.

Print Sizes available:

- 10x10"

- 12x12"


- Handmade item

- Original materials used: Charcoal, pencil and ink on 12x12" Kraft paper.

- Ships worldwide from United States

- Will ship in a secure heavy duty padded package for safe delivery.

- Made-in house and signed with love. :)


Thank you for visiting my shop! 

All questions welcome.

Up in Smoke Red, smoking skull 10x10" or 12x12" Quality art print by Alex Dakos

PriceFrom $25.00
  • FREE to the LOWER 48 STATES (USA). We can ship worldwide. $20 (International) USD.

    Please allow a week to receive your order, as they are made to order. Generally ship out within 1-3 business days of order, not counting weekends.

    We will send you a tracking number once it ships.

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