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This is an Original piece of "LONGING FOR TRUTH" Surreal mixed media drawing. Created with Mixed Media - Graphite, Bic Pen, Ink, Colored pencil, Marker and Oils on grey toned 8.5x11" paper. 06.2020.


"Longing for Truth" is a captivating and thought-provoking artwork featuring a young girl in the center, hands clasped in prayer, embodying a serene and earnest search for understanding. Surrounding her are various symbols and imagery representing a wide array of beliefs and conspiracy theories. An ape signifies evolution, pyramids evoke ancient mysteries, a crane carries a baby symbolizing birth myths, and a snake represents the devil. A fairy brings to mind folklore and magic, Pandora's box hints at unleashed chaos, the apocalypse symbolizes end-times prophecy, and the Tree of Knowledge stands for the quest for wisdom. This richly detailed piece explores the complex landscape of human belief and the universal quest for truth, inviting viewers to reflect on the diverse ways people seek to understand the world.



- Handmade item

- Original materials used: Graphite, Bic Pen, Ink, Colored pencil, Marker and Oils on grey toned 8.5x11" paper.

- Ships worldwide from United States

- Will ship in a secure heavy duty padded package for safe delivery. 

- Fully Insured

- Made-in house and signed with love. :)

- Includes a signed Certificate of Authenticity by Alex Dakos.


All images copyright © Alex Dakos. Artwork may not be reproduced or resold without the expressed permission of the artist.


All questions welcome.

Longing for Truth, Surreal mixed media drawing Original artwork by Alex Dakos

  • FREE to the LOWER 48 STATES (USA). We can ship worldwide. $20 (International) USD.

    Please allow a week to receive your order, as they are made to order. Generally ship out within 1-3 business days of order, not counting weekends.

    We will send you a tracking number once it ships.

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