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Website Upgrade!

Well it was long overdue for a huge overhaul of my website. Changes made include new top banners on each page. New rotating large front banners for easy navigation of categories. More categories added for better organization. You can now view all my pre 2017 artworks in one place. Also added my graffiti art, which was a big part of my life coming out of high school until about 2005, which translates into my works of today. Also included now is work I created while being employed at Crystal Art Gallery. This is primarily digital artwork for commercial use. We also have now my collection of sketches and more added to my paintings page. I am now also taking online bookings for commission work. Also I will be uploading a lot more prints and originals for sale! Please stay tuned as more work will be added.

DakosLogo White.jpg
  • Instagram logo for Dakos art
  • Twitter logo for Dakos art
  • TikTok logo for Dakos art
  • Pinterest logo for Dakos art
  • Facebook logo for Dakos art
  • YouTube logo for Dakos art
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