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Prepare to embark on a journey through the captivating world of art with our brand-new 2024 wall art calendar, featuring the exquisite illustrations of the renowned artist, Alex Dakos. Each month, you'll be welcomed by a visual masterpiece that will leave you inspired and captivated.


🌟 Calendar Features:

  • High-Quality Paper Stock: Our calendar is printed on high-quality paper that enhances the vividness of each artwork, ensuring the colors pop with life.
  • Large Vibrant Images: Each month presents a stunning 11" x 8.5" glossy illustration that will fill your space with beauty and wonder.
  • Spiral Binding: The spiral binding allows the calendar to lay flat, making it easy to view and make notes on special dates.
  • Centered Hole for Hanging: Designed for your convenience, our calendar features a centered hole, making it a breeze to hang on your wall and add an artistic touch to your space.


📅 A Year of Artistic Treasures:


Each month of 2024 comes to life with an ink illustration by Alex Dakos:

  • January - "4ever with You"
  • February - "Wish upon a Star"
  • March - "Alley Cat"
  • April - "The Cheese Chasers"
  • May - "Revenge of Taurus"
  • June - "Wolf In Sheep's Clothing"
  • July - "Madame Tiger Lily"
  • August - "Nature's Redemption"
  • September - "Angel Falls"
  • October - "Rogue Night"
  • November - "Rat Bat Fantasy"
  • December - "Thru the Fishbowl"


📦 Pre-Order Now:

Be among the first to experience this artistic journey throughout the year. Pre-order your 2024 Art Calendar by Alex Dakos today and get ready to immerse yourself in a world of enchantment, imagination, and creativity.


Don't miss out on this opportunity to adorn your space with stunning artwork, month after month. Get your 2024 Art Calendar by Alex Dakos and celebrate the beauty of art every day.

With every page turned, you'll discover new stories, emotions, and inspiration. Let 2024 be a year of art and wonder with Alex Dakos.

The Artwork of Alex Dakos Wall art Calendar 2024 dark surreal ink illustrations

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